Mission and values

About us

Good Neighbors is an international humanitarian development NGO founded in Korea in 1991 to make the world a place without hunger, where people live together in harmony. The first community development project in Bangladesh was launched in 1992 and currently Good Neighbors is working in 192 communities in 35 countries with our focus on inclusive community development approach and child protection.

In 1994, Good Neighbors implemented its first emergency response project in Rwandan refugee situation, providing medical relief teams and establishing two schools at the refugee camps.Starting with Rwanda emergency response, Good Neighbors has been actively responding various disaster and emergencies including Kobe earthquake in 1995, South Asia tsunami in 2004, Haiti earthquake 2010, Typhoon Haiyan in 2013 and Nepal Earthquake in 2015.


  • 1991

    Foundation of Good Neighbors organization

  • 1994

    Became the first Korean NGO to provide medical assistance to refugees with a group of doctors sent to Goma Zaire, Rwanda.

  • 1996

    Awarded General Status at ECOSOC, UN (highest status for NGOs)

  • 2007

    Awarded the UN Millennium Development Goals Award for contributing to universal primary education

  • 2014

    December, Registration of a branch in the Ministry of Justice of the Kyrgyz Republic

  • 2016

    The opening of the Community Development Project "KOKCHU" -Chuy region, Sokuluk district Awarded the title of "Best Leader 2015" among the branches of Good Nabors International

  • 2017-05

    The opening of the Community Development Project Bolot Mambetov-Ton district, Issyk-Kul region

  • 2017-09

    Charity fundraising Platform

  • Our mission

    Good Neighbors exists to make the world a place without hunger, where people live together in harmony. Good Neighbors respects the human rights of our neighbors suffering from poverty, disasters and oppression, and helps them to achieve self-reliance and enable them to rebuild their hope.

    Our values

    We work in any place where there is a need, regardless of race, religion, ideology, and beyond geographical constraints

    We promote self-reliance and the sustainable development of individuals, families and communities

    We prioritize the rights of children

    We create a sound global citizenship that encourages people to respect one another and live together in harmony 

    We mobilize and organize local volunteers to participate in developing their communities

    We work in cooperation with our local partners who share our community development goals

    We maintain professional accountability and transparency by reporting to our donors on the status of projects and finances

    We encourage people to join Good Neighbors as donors to participate in our work

  • Our goal

    Good Neighbors exist to make a world without hunger, where people live in harmony.Good Neighbors respects the rights of their neighbors suffering from poverty, distress and oppression and helps them to gain self-confidence and gives them the opportunity to gain hope.

    Convention on the Rights of the Child

    Good Neighbors attaches fundamental importance to children's rights so that they can reach their full potential. We are promoting the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) and striving for the development and support of a society where children can learn and grow freely.

    Community Partnership Development

    Good Neighbors designs projects and relies on the active participation of local people and community capabilities. By building strong partnerships with other organizations and volunteers, Good Neighbors can better implement projects and stimulate sustainable development.


    Good Neighbors supports local groups at the local, national and international levels in order to help those deprived of their rights and opportunities to openly express their opinions.

  • Child Protection Policy

    Child Protection Policy is a part of Good Neighbors’ philosophy, and it was instituted in order to protect children’s rights and encourage participation from children to build sustainable futures.


    The purpose of Good Neighbors’ Child Protection Policy is to protect the child from all forms of dangers and threats. We proceed our work upon the Child Protection Policy to ensure children’s healthy development and progress.

    Key principles

    Good Neighbors Child Protection Policy recognizes the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, the Good Neighbors Mission, and children’s rights as its principles.

    - First the interests of children are prioritized above all
    - Second children are not discriminated against in any way
    - Third children are ensured direct participation

    Code of Сonduct

    Code of Conduct is very important and it must be observed.

    Employees and partners must

    • Respect children's character
    • Respect children's opinions and views 
    • Recognize children's individualities
    • Strive to ensure that children are not exposed to dangerous situations or environments
    • Strive to ensure that children are not involved in or associated with illegal activities
    • Strive to help children break free from child labor

    Employees or partners shall not

    • Show preference towards, or discriminate against a child
    • Become involved in or ignore child abuse
    • Humiliate the child 
    • Use inappropriate or abusive language to a child 
    • Engage in physical abuse against the child
    • Have sexual relations with a child
    • Commit any acts that may sexually provoke a child
    • Create any implications of inappropriate acts or relations with a child


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