Project "Hope"

    The Consolidated Community Charity Platform (CPC) is the next step in creating a sustainable charitable system in the Kyrgyz Republic based on collective funding. CoPB is trying to develop a culture of donation and mutual aid. Hope will collect and distribute funds while maintaining a high level of transparency, accountability and public outreach.

    The deer - “Bugu Ene” - is more than just a deer for the Kyrgyz people. This is the old traditional spirit that brings health, stability and care. The sun shows the warmth of support.

    The NORE platform is an online portal for providing social support to the needy, a database of socially significant projects whose solutions will help solve fundamental problems, such as: lack of an institution of social support for orphans, lack of appropriate medical institutions, rehabilitation clinics for children with cerebral paralysis, autism, etc. The platform will increase the collection of donations and minimize administrative costs to zero, automating the system and ensuring transparency and accountability, providing open access to information for all. The committee will consist of representatives of the business sector, well-known figures of the country who will manage in deciding and choosing a meaningful project.


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