2017 Batken Water Project

    After the Soviet Union collapse, Kerege-Tash village had difficulties in supplying a water to household due to lack of water channel. The community used river water for drinking purposes. People brought in water from river by themselves. A powerful current and unclean water caused unexpected results. For financial support, they waited the cooperation with government or other exxternal donor. 


    A total of 1.5 km cement channel and 500m of water pipes from the river were installed to each household. Local community contributed its human resources in  carrying over the pipes to installations. Not only 1,130 people from Kerege-Tash villagers, but also 1,250 people from neighbor villages could get benefit from this. Beyond the function of supplying  clean water, the pipes can benefit to make income by supplying water to empty land. The plant area is expanded from 0 to 30 heactare. 


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