Charity Christmas Movie Night

On the eve of Christmas and New Year, we invite you to join us at Charity Christmas Movie Night to watch the legendary film “Grinch - The...

The project

Beginning of the reconstruction of the 1st floor of the ayil okmotu building for the Rehabilitation Center

 This is the first Rehabilitation center in the Ton distric...

The project

Lectures on the importance of personal hygiene during menstruation

At these lectures, girls learned about when the periods begin, w...

The project

An open English lesson class at the Nizhne Chuisk secondary school

Students of the school shared their knowledge of the subject and...

The project

Project is for improving school libraries condition in working area and increasing interest children in reading books

Thus Good Neighbours International provided with art books all t...

The project

The provision of school backpacks for children from Kokchu CDP

Dear friends, we are sharing the latest news with you!

The project

Bolot Mambetov Ayil Okmotu

Beyond the touristic period, local inhabitants in Bolot Mambetov...

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The Annual report for the work done, you can familiarize yourself in detail with the activities of Good Neighbors International in the Kyrgyz Republic.



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