Update: Integrated Rural Development Project in the Kyrgyz Republic

On July 20 and 27, 2023, Good Neighbors Kyrgyz Republic had productive meetings with representatives from Osh and Batken regions to discuss the IRDP's progress. Heads of rural development departments, regional development funds, Aiyl Okmotu, committees, and IRDP partners actively participated in the discussions. The meetings focused on reporting activities in each village, addressing implementation challenges, promoting the project, and planning activities until 2023 end. Valuable insights from farmers and local villagers also played a crucial role in enhancing project efficiency. IRDP team are committed to the success of the Berekely Aimak project and will continue holding implementing committee meetings twice a year.

*Integrated Rural Development Project in Kyrgyz Republic, jointly with the Government of Kyrgyz Republic represented by the Ministry of Agriculture and KOICA, aims to reduce poverty in 30 villages over 4 years. It focuses on improving socio-economic conditions, promoting women's rights, sustainable agriculture, and advocating for rural development policies.

Other news:
Launching a harvest season in Bel Aldy CDP

Good Neighbors Kyrgyz Republic is pleased to announce the successful implementation of the Honey Project for the past 3 years in Bel Aldy Ayil Aimak, Toktogul district.

This year, in addition to valuable knowledge and experience, the cooperative received the necessary technical and financial support for effective beehives farming.The range of farmers involved in the project has expanded.

We have big plans ahead!

We wish our partners favorable weather conditions and a rich harvest!

Project achievements:
Three years of successful implementation;
Working with sustainable focus group;
Cooperative received support and capacity building trainings;
Increasing unique and eco-friendly bee hoves farming.

Future plans:
Further development of the project;
Increasing farmers welfare;
Increasing food security in the region. 

We thank our partners for their active envlovement and their contribution!

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National Testing

We are pleased to inform you that Good Neighbors Kyrgyz Republic successfully completed  the "National Testing" project in 2024, within which the last stage was to conduct post-testing of 11th grade students in 4 regions of the country. 

The post-testing process within the framework of the project is necessary to analyze the effectiveness of the 3-month process of teaching schoolchildren and preparing students for the national testing (ORT), which was conducted by a team of professionals.

We believe and wish that students of schools where the Branch is actively involved in the development of the education sector will receive good scores and will be able to enroll in universities.

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Good Mama 2024: Prenatal & Postnatal Care in Rural Communities

Within the framework of the "Good Mama 2024" project, Good Neighbors Kyrgyz Republic organized two-day trainings for medical workers and CHWs on the topic "Antenatal and postnatal care for pregnant women" in 4 regions of the country.

Purpose: to increase knowledge and skills in providing quality care to pregnant women.

- gained knowledge about anxiety signs, physiological changes, work and rest regime, nutrition, breastfeeding and family planning;
- learned how to calculate the body mass index, measure pressure, uterine height, use a pulse oximeter and an ultrasound machine.

The second day:
- practical skills in breast cancer screening and early detection;
- self-examination training for women.

We hope to create favorable conditions for pregnant and newborn children through our initiatives in the regions.

*CHWs - Community Health Workers

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